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One of the most booming businesses in Toronto is escort services. Toronto escorts are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Due to the huge population and robust economy, escort agencies are raking in serious cash from the endless supply of pleasure seekers. Despite the fact that there are numerous agencies, it does not affect business in any way. Each agency has its own niche and clientele. This is an industry where the more the merrier. More agencies mean more variety and men love variety. It also means that clients are always satisfied since there is enough supply and they don’t have to wait in line at any agency for a certain model that is busy at the moment. With that being said, there are still those agencies that manage to rise above the competition and shine the brightest. A good example is DreamGirlsCanada.

Dream Girls Canada

Stunning Harper

What is life when there is no fun in it? Nobody enjoys life when all they do is sit in their house and watch television all day long. There is more to life I always say. There is fun, adventure, travel and lots of laughter. The bright and beautiful world out there needs somebody to explore it to the fullest and who is better to help you enjoy life than a very beautiful woman.

Canada is a very beautiful country and so are the women. Toronto in particular is a tourist hotspot. Many young, beautiful girls are aware of this fact and they have flooded the city as escorts.

Can you imagine how nice it would be to have a beautiful lady waiting for you when you get home from work each day greeting you with a beautiful warm smile and a soft meaningful kiss at the door? Can you imagine a hug and a caring question of "How was your day?" Can you imagine having a delicious meal with a beautiful and caring lady? Can you imagine that everything is done for you in a loving manner? Can you imagine being able to attend a function with a beautiful woman and have everyone wonder in amazement.

If you need one of them to brighten up your day, DreamGirlsCanada can make it happen. DreamGirlsCanada is a Toronto escort agency. They are essentially luxury female escorts in Toronto where you can hire an educated, well bred girlfriend or celebrity as your dinner escort or Toronto escort. For the successful, affluent gentleman who simply enjoys spending his leisure time in the company of incredibly beautiful, erudite and talented women - and for whom discretion is a top priority.

DreamGirlsCanada has taken its time to handpick the most beautiful and you can have a piece of the action at a very fair price. If you are new in town and need a grand tour, one of our female escorts in Toronto can show you around and make your stay worthwhile. After the experience you will keep coming back for more.

As expert matchmakers, Toronto escort agency's personal touch and high standards will delight the selective gentleman. The Toronto escort service focuses on pure luxury and perfect matchmaking, creating a mutually enjoyable, restorative connection within a girlfriend experience. They also focus on quality, not quantity.

DreamGirlsCanada likes to build long-term relationships with their clients based on trust and that requires operating with integrity, something they take very seriously.

The girls are very accommodating. So all of you guys out there who have always dreamed of an incredible adventure with a beautiful female escort in Toronto who will provide you guaranteed adult entertainment, DreamGirlsCanada is the right place for you.

Gorgeous Madison

Think of all the clubs, restaurants and movie theatres you can visit in Toronto. There are so many social amenities for you to explore. You cannot do all of it alone. You need female escorts in Toronto who will be with you every step of the way through the fun and laughter. Instead of having a friend tag along, why not have a beautiful girl on your arm? Most of the holidays spots in any city or country are usually flooded with couples walking arm in arm or hand in hand. You don’t want to be caught alone or with a male friend as the only single guy or guys at a romantic getaway. A Toronto escort will give you the “girlfriend” experience and you will get to know how it feels to be loved and cared for. That is what they are trained to do. Don’t let loneliness ruin your holiday.

Picture this: You are going to Toronto on a holiday, you don’t know anybody there, you don’t know any hotels, you have no idea how to get a cab or public transport and you don’t know any part of the city except the airport waiting room where you will be stuck. Female escorts in Toronto on the other hand, know the ins and outs of the city. DreamGirlsCanada will escort you from city’s gateway at the airport to your destination, assist with check-in, and provide local getting around tours.

The DreamGirls Toronto escort agency can show you where to get a cab, the best bars in town, where to get the best hotel rooms, the best restaurants and so much more. Toronto escort service won’t just give you directions; they will accompany you all the way and be by your side through it all. This will save you the trouble of having to spend a lot of money and time looking for the simplest things and still figure out how to have fun.

The Toronto escort agency has offices open all year round in Toronto. Once you have signed on to a romantic vacation, you will be provided with addresses and profiles of women. You will also be able to peruse the files of the ladies and request meetings with the ones who take your fancy.

Passion is a very important thing when it comes to providing escort services. The industry is not perfect. You might find Toronto escorts who are only keen on making money and not give you good service in return. This is the reason why DreamGirlsCanada has a strict vetting process. The Toronto escort agency only selects girls who are passionate about their work. They select girls who want to spend time with you and make you feel special. These are girls who get satisfaction from making sure other people are happy. Money comes into the picture much later once they are sure you are satisfied. These Toronto escorts can give you a listening ear and help you get rid of all the loneliness in your heart. If you have problems with women or relationships they can give you quality advice from a woman’s perspective and transform you into the alpha male you have always wanted to be.

Beautiful Amelia

You can choose any girl that tickles your fancy. All their photos are well displayed for you to review. You should note that those are the actual photos of the girls and not some promotional gimmicks. What you see is actually what you get. These girls look like that in person and some of them look even better. Their schedules are always busy so make sure you make an early booking. If you don’t get your dream girl, you can always have your second option. It is good to have a second option because sometimes we don’t always get what we want. You never know, the plan B might end up being even better than what you hoped to get from your plan A. She might even be your soul mate. There have been numerous cases of the Toronto escort and the client falling in love. These Toronto escorts are very special and it is easy for that to happen. These women are very dear to the Toronto escort agency but if such a situation arises, you will get all the blessings.

Different men have different tastes. DreamGirlsCanada has all types of women you could ever wish for. If you are into Asian, Russians, redheads, brunettes, blondes, Latinas or ebony, you will find someone that matches your taste. Once you find her, she won’t just be a pretty face, she will also be smart, well-educated, sophisticated and very social. You will have an easy time getting along. The Toronto escorts also have a certain level of class and confidence that is hard to find.

The Toronto agency is not only found in Toronto. They are spread all over the top cities in Canada such as Montreal and Ottawa. The Toronto escort service is recognized all over for having the hottest girls in the country. They have steady clients who come for their services regularly. All the branches uphold the same high standards. Their reputation is built on constantly delivering the best quality services and experience. There are enough girls to satisfy all the customers.

“The Girl of Your Dreams”

Toronto is where dreams and fantasies are fulfilled. Female escorts in Toronto will turn your dreams into reality. They always live up to your expectations. They are living proof that you do not need to be in a steady, committed relationship in order to feel loved and have the girl of your dreams. For some people, the girl of their dreams is that one escort who will give them the best night of their life. If you want to feel special and enjoy all the fun and excitement that a couple enjoys, then you need to find the Toronto escort agency.

Agency vs Independent

Lovely Elizabeth

There is always an exception to the rule. Not all models are confined to the rules of an agency. Some of them enjoy independence. There is a breed of independent escorts who only abide to their own rules. Their schedules are flexible and they can be available to you any time you need them. Even though most clients trust agencies, independent escorts have also established their ground and they have their own clients who believe in them. These escorts can either come to you are you can go to them. Most clients prefer their own place due to security reasons and also the fact that they can be in control of the situation. Numerous agencies also offer the flexibility of location.

Men are known to have some very wild fantasies. These are fantasies that they cannot share with their friends, partners or anyone no matter how close they are. The good thing is, female escorts in Toronto understand these fantasies. They themselves are also pretty adventurous and are open to try new things. They are wired a little differently than your average girl. They take pride in being likened to fairy goddesses who grant your every wish. However, it also depends on the weight of your pocket. If you want something that you only see in the movies or in adult sites, you better have some serious cash to back it up. Those who are willing to break the bank are usually well rewarded.


Men are very private when it comes to their affairs with escorts. They prefer to keep it very private. This is a need that the Toronto escort service understands and they have established measures to ensure that anonymity is strictly maintained. It is only the agency and the escort who will know about your name and other relevant information. Everything else is held with the utmost discretion.

Changing Times

In the past, escort services were not very popular. The society saw is as a taboo and many people were afraid to use them. Thanks to a more open society and the internet escorts are as legit as models. In fact, most escorts are models and vice versa. It has now become more about appreciating women and making them feel comfortable in their own skin. Women are now able to appreciate themselves and take pride in their sexuality. It is a form of empowerment. They also get to enjoy their youth as they look forward to the future.

All industries tend to grow after a certain time. Escort services used to consist of the conventional outcall and incall services. Outcall is when the escort comes to your place or a place of your choice while incall is when you go to the escort or the place stipulated by the agency. Nowadays, you can take one of the girls on a business trip with you for the weekend. Whether the trip is local or outside the country there are girls available to tag along and make your trip worthwhile. Showing up with a super-hot model on your arm at a vacation spot with your friends will do a lot of good to your ego and image. All the high-end female escorts in Toronto can certainly play the part.

The demand is even higher amongst celebrities and prominent people who have many public appearances to make. When cameras are flashing left, right and center and the paparazzi are all up in your space, the only thing that can save you is the presence of a beautiful lady on your arm. The benefits are endless. These are only some of the most common cases known at the moment. More situations are bound to arise sending the need for more professional escorts through the roof. No wonder escort services-even the well established ones like Toronto Girlfriends and Mirage Entertainment-are still looking for more girls to curb the ever-increasing demand. In a few years to come, the industry will be full-blown all over the world. It has already taken over Toronto and the results are pretty clear. More and more people are going to Toronto on holidays and the population keeps growing rapidly.

Escort Services and Tourism

Fine Sofia

Escort services can be viewed as an extension of tourism. Even though there is no statistic to prove it, Toronto escort agency plays a big role in the growth of Toronto’s economy either directly or indirectly. Toronto escort service provides numerous employment opportunities to young girls and leads to a generation of decent income.

These highend ladies and quality escorts can travel anywhere in the world. They specialize in recruiting fresh, charming, drug-free companions of high caliber; Girlfriend types and famous models & actresses to escort you to any tasteful event or location. Their other specialty is a contemporary, first-class approach to dating. However, the Toronto escort service is selective. They only work with premium women and introduce them to premium gentlemen. They are a special personalized service for special people. This selection process is what keeps their models exclusive and fresh.

Whether you seek a brief dinner date, a longer term connection or a competent and beautiful travel companion, Toronto escort agency can assist.


When you're ready to make an appointment, please contact our friendly, helpful international booking agents and inquire whether the model you have in mind is available. We will be delighted to discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable companion escort for you. We can also help you in deciding on the most appropriate restaurant or venue to bring your date for dinner.

Booking female escorts in Toronto is becoming easier by the day. Most agencies require you to make all your bookings online. It can be done from whichever location. If you are in Madagascar and are planning a trip to Toronto, you can book Toronto escort early and find her waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport. Online booking is very convenient. It is also less strenuous and gives the agency and easy time managing their records.

When making a reservation, you are required to give as much information as possible. Some of the most important details include;

  • Full names
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Preferred Location
  • Duration
  • Date

This information is absolutely necessary. It helps the Toronto escort agency to know the type of client they are dealing with and how they can serve him best. You can either let the agency choose the perfect girl for you or you can choose one for yourself. In case you want to choose for yourself, you will have to be specific. Most websites will give you the option of clicking on any girl you like and booking them on the spot. Payment is usually done by credit card and you can rest assured all your details are completely safe. Once your day comes, you will find the girl waiting for you at the agreed location. After that, let your charm do the work.

Most escorts prefer meeting in a public place like a bar or a restaurant. It is much safer and also plays a big part in lightening up the mood. A bar is more preferable since you can order a few drinks and break the tension if there is any. The Toronto agency makes sure that the lady gets there before you so that you don’t have to wait. Clients are also required to respect the ladies and treat them well. Even though you have paid for the service, it is also good to arrive early in order to impress your date. You never know what you might get out of it.

Companion Appointments

Nice Evelyn

The female escorts in Toronto can meet you at a pre-arranged restaurant or event, but preferably she will meet you at your hotel for a discreet meeting, rather than wandering around looking for each other.

We will always do our best to accommodate you, but please keep in mind we are dealing with people, not items. Occasionally a model is simply unavailable; In this instance, we would kindly ask you to adjust your dates, or select a different courtesan with whom to spend your time.

Visitors vs Steady Customers

The Toronto escort agency does not thrive on tourists and visitors only. It functions like any other business and has its list of clients. Each escort agency has its own steady stream of customers that seek their services from time to time. Some of the most faithful customers are sometimes offered discounts due to the good relationship they have built with the agency. If they depend entirely on visitors and tourists they will face serious problems when the tourism industry is at its lowest. Steady clients contribute to the growth of the agency. They are the ones who refer the escorts to their friends and colleagues. This is why agencies work much harder at keeping their existing clients than acquiring new ones.

New Recruits

The Toronto escort service market can never be saturated. Every single day new escorts are being recruited. Every escort agency website has a permanent ad for new girls to apply. The need is endless because every year, there are those ladies who reach the maximum age required to be an escort and they have to be replaced with new ones. New recruits also rejuvenate the enthusiasm of the clients and boosts profits for the agency. Agencies have to abide by a legal and moral code by ensuring all the ladies they recruit are of legal age. Even though it varies from country to country, the general cut-off age is 18 years. This is something that the Toronto escort agency takes very seriously. There are cases where young girls fake their identification in order to gain access to these escorts but the agency owners are wise beyond their years. The good thing about DreamGirlsCanada is that they generally do much more background checks on the ladies registering with the agency. Typically these checks include verifying their identity, investigating their employment history and making sure they are suitable for escort services. Everything is done by the book. Any illegal activities cannot be tolerated.


Superb Avery

Pricing has always been a very big issue. Some agencies charge very high rates while other are very cheap. It is important to find a balance to avoid chasing away potential customers due to inflated prices. With that being said, Toronto escort service still needs to have a high level of standards to continue to be held in high regard. If you want cheap escorts who will give you average services half-heartedly, you won’t miss them. DreamGirlsCanada is keen on not falling into that trap. They have their standards raised very high. Cheap prices attract mediocre clients who want to be given everything for the few dollars that they have left in their pockets. Toronto escort agency is meant for those who are willing to spend a good deal of money on quality women who are worth every penny. These are fresh, young women who are very well-behaved and set the bar high in terms of style.

The Toronto escort service offers one of the most discreet payment systems in the world with multiple billing companies, and offer professional invoices where required. Total discretion.

Rest assured your time with us will be long remembered. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your most beautiful memories.


There is so much technical jargon concerning escort services. If you want real life proof, trust reviews. It is easy for a man to trust another man’s words based on real experiences. These reviews are based on actual experiences. Satisfied clients use this platform to share their experiences and show their appreciation for services well-done. It also enables other clients and the agency to keep tabs on the behavior and performances of the girls. In most cases, it is hard to find any negative review. It is clear that these girls are trained well and they are passionate about what they do. These reviews also boost their reputation to the point where those with the best reviews charge the highest prices. Those with lesser or no reviews don’t mean that their services are less satisfactory. Maybe their clients forgot about it or are not frequent internet users. The quality of the services still remains the same across the board.

Attractive Chloe

A lot of people are currently missing out on a lot of adventure. Frequent travelers to Toronto are specifically missing out the most. If your trip is always busy and you have little time to play, get in touch with any of the agencies in Toronto and get the “DreamGirlsCanada” experience. You can mix work with pleasure. The Toronto escort can accompany you to all your corporate events and dinners. Once you are done with office work, you can take a romantic stroll and do some star gazing. You can then have an intimate dinner and see where the night goes. If your schedule does not fit the fun, the fun will fit into your schedule. Make sure you make your reservations early in order to secure the girl of your choice. Their schedules are always busy and you might end up missing out. All the contact information for these agencies is easily available on their websites. All you have to do is pick up a phone or send an e-mail. You don’t have to worry about your identity or your private information falling into the wrong hands. Discretion is guaranteed. One thing for sure is, it will be the best experience of your life.

Client Obligations

Please ensure you approach the Toronto escort agency and the companions as a gentleman. DreamGirlsCanada is very selective, and will have no hesitation to politely decline your business if you are not behaving as a man of honor. They reserve the right to refuse the business of any caller. The Toronto escort agency exists exclusively to cater for the most refined and high-quality clientele only.

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